Professional Photos of Your Staff

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Part of building your brand should be about presenting your people, especially if you're a small business where you or your people are your brand.

I can help with this by giving you a library of high quality images of your staff to use in brochures, proposals, email, web or for Social media. The photos can be taken at your premises or in our studio and can be on plain white or black backgrounds or include elements of your business (such as your offices, business environment, etc) or just be "a bit different" and feature scenes from your local area. I'll work with you to see what will be most appropriate to help the finished product reflect your brand identity.

All of the supplied photos will be professionally edited and retouched (where appropriate).

I can offer a competitive starter package with a combination of business and brand imagery with photos of your staff.

Prices start from just £30 for a 15min mini-session with 3 edited images and go up to £200 for a 45min session with ~40 images. Please contact us with your ideas for a quote.

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